Become part of the Herbsea® Family where you’ll experience a fascinating and wonderful life journey of healthcare, are you ready?

With everyone shifting to organic and natural food utilization, healthy habits are becoming a trend in society. Healthy nutrition is a key essential to living a prolonged, strong and buoyant life. Herbsea® is currently seeking individuals who are passionate about living the healthy lifestyle. Individuals who yearn to make a difference in the world by increasing health awareness are desired. If you possess a strong inclination to learn and acquire a new healthy lifestyle, we’d love to meet you! Interested in pursuing a career opportunity with Herbsea®?

Herbsea® Team Members are:

- Innovators who enjoy living healthy and working healthy.

- Individuals eager to learn everything from healthy concepts to healthy skills.

- People who cherish the opportunity to learn with our team, while sharing it with the world.

- Passionate, well-organized and possess strong interpersonal skills.

- Possess strong communication skills, both verbal and written; and have the potential to become a leader.

- Willing to grow, improve and be pertinent to Herbsea® Healthy Journey.

Regardless of your age, as long as your dream is in your heart,  Herbsea® is the appropriate choice for you!

At Herbsea®, we provide you with the following:

High-quality products;

Health information and tips;

Sharing platforms;

Career opportunities;

High-end gathering;

Global tourism.

Most importantly, we provide irresistible cash rewards!

Contact us if you are a health enthusiast today!

Our email: info[at]

OR swing by and visit our office located in Irvine, CA. Stop by and enjoy a cup of tea with one of our easygoing team members!


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