Oysrelax - Original Solid Drink 200g/Bottle. Relieves stress*

Oysrelax - Original Solid Drink 200g/Bottle. Relieves stress*

Herbsea Nutra

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Oysrelax (Developed for the elite to help reduce levels of stress and help you relax): Relieves stress (especially from work), balances the autonomic nervous system, and relieves sympathicus system.

While sleeping, Oysrelax helps you breathe better and helps relax the cardiovascular system. It also calms your heart rate and reduces adrenaline levels. Individuals will sleep better, allowing your body to have sufficient time to rest, restore and heal.

Better sleep quality and longer sleeping hours promotes reduction of dreams that will improve overall body nutrition. This product benefits people physically, emotionally and mentally.

Who should drink Oysrelax?

Busy white-collar workers who frequently work overtime and/or even stay up overnight;


People who experience self-perceived stress at work;

People who have sexual desires/ high sex drive, but have difficulty maneuvering his/her sexual desire;

Light sleepers and individuals who have difficulty sleeping;

Individuals who exercise regularly, but cannot release the stress or exhaustion after their workout;

People who overthink everything constantly.